Friends Go Bye Bye

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People have been dropping like flies lately..My last non-Aussie friend has left today…its pretty depressing.   Most people left June 21-23..and i wasn’t here for that, which i am so happy for! I said bye to them all before my Melbourne trip, and I am so glad that i wasn’t here for all of them to leave, because i guess people were crying like crazy!  But now, i am here by myself, with Emma, some Aussies (but most of them went home too..), and the NEW people…ahhhh!!! some of the new people are here already!!!! I can hardly deal with it!!  My Aussie friends keep telling me that we were the BEST “shipment” yet.  I am going to believe them, and im sure they say it to other people, but it doesn’t matter to me!  I think we were the best! haha.. The other day i was sitting by the pool with Gretchen and Holly and some new girls came to the pool while we were talking to Jimmy, Rob, David, and John (all Aussies)..after the guys left the NEW girls came up to us, and asked us who they were and where they lived…I DON’T THINK SOOOOOOO!! THESE ARE MY FRIENDS, NOT YOURS!  luckily Jimmy was the only one of those guys who actually live in Unicentral.  haha..suckers!  I didn’t want to tell them, but i didn’t want to be a bitch either…these girls are trying to steal our friends even before we leave!! 

Its really depressing having to say bye to people I will most likely never see again.  😦  Yesterday, before Holly and Gretchen left (she left this morning, Gretchen left last night) we were sitting on Holly’s balconylooking around, and we all started to cry…it was the last time all three of us would be in Australia together.  😦  This is my last day in Australia..and then i come home which is totally bittersweet, so far i haven’t met a single person that was super happy to go home.  Everybody i know wishes they could stay here for the rest of their lives..I was packing yesterday, must say it was the most depressing thing i have ever had to do.  Holly and Emma were with me, watching me..haha..and for some reason sad songs kept coming up on Itunes..songs about going home, missing people..bla bla bla…so we had to keep finding new HAPPY ones! haha..


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